Moving Truck Packing made Easy

Packing a truck for moving will seem a daunting task. If you make a sensible plan, packing will be less stressful. If you pack the moving truck systematically, unpacking at the destination will be as easy as packing the truck.

Moving Truck

The first step in packing a moving truck is to rent a truck that will fit all your belongings. You should check with the moving truck rental company or shop among moving truck rental companies and rent a truck that will be big enough. You can search the internet to find the best company for your needs before contacting the company representative. Truck company representatives are trained to advice you about the size of the truck that you need to rent. Rent a moving truck rental company that offers the best truck that fits your budget and requirements. Choose a company that has loading docks, a range of truck sizes and locations across the country. To make loading the truck easy especially loading heavy items like furniture, choose and company that sends a moving truck with a loading dock.

Packing Material

The next step is to buy packing material. Packing material includes sturdy yet cheap moving boxes, packing tape and plastic wrap. You will need a dolly to help load heavy furniture. Other supplies that you will need are furniture pads or furniture blankets and moving straps. These will help you protect your furniture while moving. You can use them to fill gaps between furniture and boxes after loading them and tie them securely with moving straps so that they don’t shift when you are driving the truck.


While loading furniture you should maximize space. You can do this by taking furniture apart. Removing legs of tables and cots and storing them together can leave a lot of space for placing other belongings.


Pack all mattresses in mattress bags. Protect upholstered furniture with moving blankets or plastic wrap. Roll rugs and wrap them with plastic wrap to save space while packing the truck. Put all kitchen appliances into boxes before loading them in the truck. Pack things you will need on the day you leave and the day you arrive last so that you can have them within easy reach before you start and when you arrive. Pack fragile items and important documents in separate boxes. Place fragile items on the top of other items or carry them with you separately.


The heaviest and largest items should go into the truck first. Furniture frames, refrigerators, washing machines dryers and mattresses should be loaded first. You can pile other belongings and place them on top of heavy items. You should place heavy items in an upright position near the front of the truck and keep them in place using moving straps. Pack all light items into boxes, secure them with tape and pack them in the truck after packing the heavy items. Use moving straps to secure boxes when piling them one on top of the other. You could ask friends to help you load heavy furniture and appliances.

Once you have a plan in place, loading a moving truck can be effortless and efficient. Once your belongings are safely and securely packed in the truck the process of moving will be a stress free experience.


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